The History of ALAGRO Company

ALAGRO company was founded in Athens, in 2011, by MSc Agronomist of Agricultural University of Athens Nikos Moutevelis, surrounded by a team of experienced agronomists and engineers over the field of hydroponics and automatic, respectively. The long experience of Mr. Moutevelis in combination with the strong interest of the world for new, more efficient forms of farming, have made the company famous within a very short time.

The object of the company is divided into two pillars. The first pillar has to do with the construction of automatic control systems, among with irrigation, fertilization and climatic conditions in greenhouses. The second is providing agronomic advice in terms of nutrition and plant protection, mainly in hydroponic, but in conventional crops too.

Combining both these areas of activity and adding to the extensive experience of the staff in the field of hydroponic crops, ALAGRO company can provide a complete proposal, either the customer is an experienced producer that is interested to proceed with new and more modern farming methods, or an entrepreneur who wants to invest in the rapidly developing area of the primary sector and especially of hydroponic crops.

ALAGRO company manufactures entirely in Greece, at its premises, the iQ fertigation systems, and within a short time has earned the trust of the Greek producer. The quality of the iQ fertigation systems, combined with the reasonable prices and the prompt after sales support, have made ALAGRO company one of the fastest growing companies in the field. Simultaneously, the strategic partnerships of ALAGRO company with large substrates hydroponics production companies, and the daily presence of the company’s agronomists in hydroponic greenhouses have established ALAGRO company as a leader in the field of hydroponic cultivation.


Our Goal

The goal of the company for the nearest future, is to create a network of intelligent control of hydroponic crops through IQ systems, where specialized agronomists and engineers of the company will be able to give solutions to any questions of every customer in real time. This venture together with the sales of IQ fertigation systems in foreign countries, and the entry of the company in the field of vertical hydroponic crops, are spearheads for the progress of the company in the future.

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